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APRIL 24,2016

Rock the Red Carpet

Concert at Granby Theater in Norfolk.

       The History of Hotel Kids 

​​            Hotel Kids Inc., was informally formed in 2005 when events unfolded that allowed me to look beyond what I thought was important and would change my life forever. The day Hotel Kids was born was a typical day that for me involved going to college at Old Dominion University where I attended and later earned a B.S with a major in Psychology and Biology.  I was studying Psychology in the hope that one day I would be able to use the knowledge I was gaining to help those around me. As fate would have it the opportunity to help was closer than I could ever realize. In my travels back and forth to school I began to pay attention to those around me. I became an observer of all the little things in the world I wish I had the power to change but was afraid to or to intimidated to try to change.
            As I drove home from school after picking up my then three year old daughter Amira I often found myself consumed with worry during in the quiet moments as she snuggled with her favorite toy a green dinosaur and drifted between states of consciousness and dreams. As a single mom to a disabled child worry was as normal as breathing to me. As I drove home that day the deafening silence of my thoughts was interrupted by a little voice from the back seat of my van saying “ellow bus ellow bus mommy.” The image of a little girl with a bright pink back pack covered in flowers grabbed my attention away from the dozens of thoughts that normally accompanied me on my drive home. Although it was all to common to see a yellow bus that time a day dropping children off from a long day of school this bus and its passenger were a bit different. Pulling to the side of the road the bus driver of the number twelve bus opened the doors and turned on the safety lights. I waited impatiently as I watched child after child disembark. Just when I thought my waiting was done a little girl who was no older than six or seven with a bright pink back pack covered in flowers slowly walked out of the bus. Unlike the other children who were now walking down the street together to their neighborhoods to go home the little girl stood on the street cautiously looking back and forth to make sure no one watched as she 

We have a simple mission: to end childhood homelessness.  

Nationally 1 in 30 children will become homeless this year that is 2.5 million children living in the United States alone.

Hotel Kids Inc.,is an advocate for the hungry and displaced. We travel to every corner of the Hampton Roads area to help children and families in need. No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. Our agency serves as a resource for hotel families. From distributing items needed for hotel survival, helping with employment searches, providing housing and rental assistance, mentoring homeless children, providing tutors Hotel Kids Inc,. serves as a connecting bridge between community resources and homeless families all year long. Through our outreach programs and governmental advocacy our goals are to change the lives of theses children forever.

What We’re Doing